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Market Access Strategy
Explaining the price of
your product

Are you struggling to defend the price of your product?

With around 40 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry and over 30 years in global market access, Valid Insight’s Senior Executive Advisor, Raf De Wilde, shares his expert insight and experiences to help guide you in explaining the price of your product.

In this white paper, he breaks down the pricing options available to you, shares stories from his extensive experiences, and talks you through how to better define your pricing, step-by-step.

Download now for insight into:

  • Why pharma needs to do a better job at explaining prices
  • Explaining and justifying your price internally, to your boss, and to authorities
  • How low product differentiation leads to price referencing
  • If cost-plus pricing applies
  • A value-based pricing option
  • What is entrepreneurial pricing
  • Base principles that can help define better prices
  • How to follow price finding with price implementation


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