‘Uncertainty’ is the barrier to successful health technology appraisal

To understand some of the issues which drive uncertainty in health technology appraisals, the Valid Insight team analysed the last ten years of Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) reimbursement decisions where products were not recommended for use within NHS Scotland. After removing non-submissions, 218 records were included in this analysis. We reviewed both clinical and economic […]

My journey into Value Communications and Market Access

My journey into Value Communications and Market Access consulting is everything but a straight line! I am a boarded Veterinary Neurologist who practiced veterinary medicine for 10 years. During that time, I completed a PhD in veterinary and comparative medicine and combined my work as a clinician with research and teaching. I also published close […]

The transition of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s) to Integrated Care Boards (ICB’s) in the NHS.

The ongoing mission of the Department of Health in the UK to improve the wellbeing of the population, reduce health inequalities, and nurture more unified interdepartmental relationships, will bring reform to organisational partnerships in the NHS. One aspect of this, will see Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s) replaced with Integrated Care Boards (ICB’s). ICB’s will come […]

My journey through the Bioscript Group

Starting at Bioscript I first joined the Bioscript Group as an Associate Medical Writer back in 2019. I trained to become a Medical Writer and had the opportunity to qualify as a Certified Medical Publication Professional™. As a Medical Writer I worked on a wide variety of publication types and gained experience of developing strategic […]

Covid 19 Blog Post
How will the COVID-19 Pandemic affect pricing and market access in the short- and long- term?

Maintaining market access activities through the global COVID-19 pandemic has been vital to ensure access to medicines for patients. In our first webinar of the Expert Insight series in March 2020, we spoke to experts about the expected outcomes of the pandemic. Six months on, Valid Insight held another webinar with a panel of industry […]

Reflecting on an extraordinary year at Valid Insight

The world is quite a different place than it was 12 months ago. That said, there is light at the end of the tunnel and Valid Insight have continued to innovate in 2020.

pharmaceutical pricing
Contracting options for pharmaceutical pricing

Clinical and financial value are drivers for success in the pharma industry. But without efficient, targeted pharmaceutical pricing and adequate contracting schemes, the success of any product is not ensured. Read our blog to learn more about suitable pharmaceutical pricing and contracting schemes, including value-based pricing, which address payer and industry uncertainties.

Pharmaceutical pricing
Pharmaceutical pricing during a recession

With a global economic recession expected due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a panel of payers and industry representatives discussed the impact that this will have on pharmaceutical pricing, reimbursement and market access, and strategies to mitigate the impact. Read this Valid Insight blog for a summary of the discussions and market access support.

Pharmaceutical Pricing
How to justify pricing to payers

Choosing the right price for your product and justifying it to payers can be a challenge, but Valid Insight can help. Read more to discover the pricing options that are available to you, the importance of your product’s value story, and step-by-step guidance to better define your pricing internally and to authorities.

Valid Insight Value Story
Developing the optimal value story for your product

There are many different elements to consider when developing a value story for a new pharmaceutical product. With early planning and all the key components considered, a strong value story will communicate the full value of a product and provide optimum support with market access and pharmaceutical pricing activities.