Market Access Rare Diseases
Using new initiatives to drive access to products for rare diseases

Gaining reimbursement for rare and specialist diseases can be challenging, primarily because small patient populations restrict the size of clinical trial cohorts. This limits the clinical evidence available to support a drug through the health technology assessment (HTA) process. Other factors, such as diagnosis, capturing long-term data, and defining patient populations can also hinder market […]

Does the NHS benchmarking tool (PPIB) mark an end for confidential discounting?

In 2015, Lord Carter published an independent report on operational performance and productivity for the UK national health service (NHS)1. Recommendations outlined how the NHS could save £5 billion by improving operational consistency between trusts. Over the last 18 months, the NHS has set about implementing these recommendations and, in January 2017, a new procurement […]

Valid Insight Market Access
Cell and gene therapy: Are payers willing to pay for a cure?

Finding a cure for debilitating conditions is a long-standing aspiration for many working within the pharmaceutical industry. Indeed, when news broke out of a 15-year-old boy with Sickle Cell Anaemia experiencing 15 months without symptoms and routine treatment,1 interest in the curative potential of the novel gene therapy administered to the teenager increased. However, the […]